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How To Flash Asus Zenfone 4 T00I 100% Tested By Me (no password)

Flashing asus I usually do in 2 ways, first by using asus flashtool and the second by using memory card, for the file we still use the same file but a little we modified it.

Asus zenfone 4 T00i flashing tutorial fixed

To via memory card is quite original extension that is RAW.
For the flashing way as follows:

How to flash zenfone 4 T00I with SDCARD

  1. Step 1 : Download firmware Zenfone 4 T00I A400CG_all_WW_user_V6.5.27.raw
  2. Rename {joelzr_dot_com}_A400CG_all_WW_user_V6.5.27 to A400CG_all_WW_user_V6.5.27.raw and insert to SD Card.
  3. Step 2: Login to Droiboot asus zenfone with press and hold power button and Volume (+)
  4. Step 3: Choice SD DOWNLOAD with button Volume up or Volume down, press Power button for oke
  5. Step 4: wait the procces until finish

How to flash zenfone 4 T00I with Asus Flashtool

As for flashing using asus flashtool, we still use the RAW fite earlier too, but must be in the form of ZIP, meaning we make ZIP it first to be detected by asus flashtool when we do flashing.

How to make raw to zip with winrar 

Right click on firmware and 'add to archive'

Setting like picture below

Look, 2 file with different extensi

Now you get file ZIP, soo how to flash with asus flashtool?

Step 1: Download Asus Flashtool Installer 1.14 instal and open
Step 2: Login to Droiboot asus zenfone with press and hold power button and Volume (+)
Step 3: On Droiboot menu, insert usb cable to your phone and follow step like picture below.

Step 4 : Click 'Start' for beginning flashing, and wait until finish

Step 5: Flashing finish, now you can unplug the usb from devive

Step 6: Wait for reboot your device until finish.

And if you not yet have firmware zip or raw, its oke, you get it
Similarly tricks how to flash asus zenfone 4 T00i, may be useful for all.



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